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What Are Investment Plans?

Investment Plans Are The Financial Security That Lasts for a Lifetime!Type of investment Plans

To put in simple words, Investment Plans are the financial instruments one creates to secure the future financially and build a substantial amount to cater to unforeseen circumstances. Thus, Life Insurance products are often used as investment plans, because they not only secure life, but also help to create wealth for future. There are other forms of investment plans which are discussed in a separate section on this website.

No matter what the event or phase, Investment Plans work for you at all times! Be it funding your child’s education, commemorating a special occasion like marriage, battling an unexpected injury, or gaining access to a steady flow of income at retirement!

Well-structured investment plans assist you in accumulating wealth and creating a corpus, so that you are always ready to meet life’s key milestones and daunting challenges, without having to give up on your financial stability!

Eligibility to Buy Investment Plans!

All Indian citizens, salaried, non-salaried, self-employed, any other professionals, and state/ central government employees above the age of 18 years are eligible to invest in saving plans offered by various financial institutions and insurance companies.

The documents that you must be able to produce if asked, while buying an investment plan:
  • Address Proof In Original and an Attested Photo Copy For Records
  • Photo Id Proof In Original and an Attested Photo Copy For Records
  • Aadhar Card In Original and an Attested Photo Copy For Records
  • Bank Passbook
  • Pan Card In Original and an Attested Photo Copy For Records

Crossed Cheque For First Premium Against Investment

Key Advantages and Features of Investment Plans!

Investment Plans are a boon for those who believe in systematic savings and want a corpus of funds to be available at the time of need. The whole magic lies in the returns over the term of investments.

Here are the features of investment plans that bring the utmost advantages to the investors:

Life insurance riders should be a part of your financial planning. They make life easy for you and your family.

Benefits of Smart Investments

Investment Plans Transform Your Dreams into Reality...

Whether you just got a new job or have taken the first step towards parenthood, it is important that you’re all prepped up to meet the upcoming responsibilities and challenges! In these situations, it is only a good investment plan that can serve as your best friend!

Apart from elevating income, a well thought investment plan helps to follow a systematic and disciplined approach towards savings, thereby building a corpus of funds and lifetime of financial security.

The foremost benefit of Investment Plans is, they ensure that you lead a healthy and fulfilling life which you had precisely thought for yourself and your family!

Here are some of the visible benefits of Investment Plans:

Generate Income and/or Capital Gains

The biggest advantage lies in the multiple avenues they offer for earning some extra income in the form of bonuses (guaranteed & non-guaranteed), dividends, interests, and much more. Then there is also the option to earn capital gains from sale of equities, debts, mutual funds, and even real estate.

Accumulate Future Wealth

The road to wealth creation cannot be traversed without a sound and solid investment plan. Opting for a Life Insurance policy enables one to build a corpus of money, which gets accumulated through the returns earned by investing in equity/debt funds over a long term horizon.

Avail Tax Benefits

These plans bring with them an array of tax benefits. While the premiums paid towards life insurance policies are covered under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, the maturity/death proceeds are also tax-free under Section 10(10D).

Guard Against Risks

Life is unpredictable and no one knows when one might need to encounter contingencies head on! For all those emergency situations, an investment plan works as a safety net in financial terms, and allows one to guard himself and his family from life’s unexpected turns.

Investment plans provide the funds for turning your dreams into a beautiful reality!

However, before taking the plunge, it is always advisable to compare investment plans with us, as it would enable one to reap the true benefits of this golden opportunity.

Importance of Having Investment Plans!

Investment Plans are important because the journey of wealth creation & financial stability starts with an Investment Plan!

No matter what chapter of life you are living, you would always want to be ready to make the most of the opportunity! This is where a sound Investment Plan can be of great help! It supports you throughout your life and makes you financially stable to achieve your dreams as well as meet life’s challenges head on!

Here are just some of the reasons laying down the importance of investment planning:

To ensure that you have full command of your financial future, compare all the investments plans at now, and buy the best suited to your needs.

Types of Investment Plan

Investment plans aid in meeting the long term financial goals of an individual. Investment insurance plans can be broadly classified into the following:

Traditional Plans

Helps meet your life protection requirements and keeps your money invested in low risk return options. At maturity, the policy holder receives guaranteed proceeds along with accrued bonuses, if any.

Unit Linked Policies (ULIPs)

Help you to invest in a variety of funds, including equity, debt, & hybrid, according to your risk appetite and financial goals. While the risk is borne by the policy holder, these policies do offer the opportunity of enjoying great returns and amassing a hefty amount of money at the time of maturity.

Further, based on their risk-return strategy, investment plans can be financial or Non-Financial in nature.

Financial Investment Instruments

Life Insurance Policies

life insurance policies offer the dual benefit of life protection and investment for fund building. Depending upon the risk taking ability and financial commitments, one can opt for a traditional insurance plan which offers stability & guaranteed returns, or a unit linked policy, which provides high returns coupled with an elevated level of risk.

Endowment Plans

These are typical and traditional insurance products which come with life cover but with very low profits. These are for the individuals who are looking for guaranteed profits on their investment, but with a higher life cover. Ideal for those who want their small funds safe and secure, with a certain amount of profits on their assets.


Equities represent a type of security which renders ownership in a company. They can be purchased and sold in the stock markets or can also be bought via Initial Public Offerings. When invested for a long period of time, these instruments are capable of delivering massive returns, which are often higher as compared to other securities. Of course, they also pose a high risk.

Mutual Funds

Often revered as cost-efficient and highly diversified, mutual funds or systematic investment plans (SIPs) allow investors to invest as little as Rs. 1000 in a month. These instruments are managed professionally and abide by a set of sound regulations. There is a huge variety of mutual funds to choose from, primarily based on the risk and return probabilities.


These are fixed income instruments, and are primarily issued for the motive of raising capital. Private as well as Government institutions make use of them to accumulate funds. Bonds issued by Government bodies often come with low risks and fair returns.

Bank Deposits

Bank Deposits are the safest means of securing one’s extra income. The returns offered are low yet stable.

Before making the decision of whether to opt for a traditional plan, endowment plan or a ULIP, it is advisable to compare investment plans at and gain a valuable insight on the array of products available in the market.

Fund Planning Tips Before You Invest In Plans!

Financial planning is an imperative step for any individual, alone or with family!

Investments are equally important to secure a financial future.

It is better to make a plan now, and make sound investments, before you land in a helpless situation.

Here are a few important fund planning tips you must consider before you lay down an investment plan for yourself.


Consider your age as the biggest factor for your fund planning. The sooner you start, the better you are. But, if you have delayed it already, consider the number of years for which you want the returns to come to you, and invest accordingly.


Look into the on-going debts and the payback period you have in hand. It can be a car loan, a house loan, an education loan or any other. If you are paying back in instalments, you must consider the payback years and invest accordingly.


30% of your monthly earnings must go for loan instalments, and 30% must go towards investments (savings). Invest 30% of your take home salary in diversified equity mutual funds. Never invest directly in stocks. Schedule a SIP to automate this habit. Rest 40% should be used for your living expenses.


Invest in a plan that can replace your monthly earnings in an unforeseen circumstance. For example, if you are earning 10lakh rupees in a year, invest in a scheme which must bring you at least 7 to 8lakh rupees in a year, in case you suffer a permanent or partial physical disability, and not able to earn.


The saving plan must come in handy while you encounter some major expenses of life like marriage, higher education, critical illness treatment for self or parents. Invest in a plan that can bring you returns at these events or milestones of life.


If you are entitled to a group policy by your company, you must enquire about the exact benefits you will be getting form that policy, so that you can leave those benefits out while investing in a scheme, and look for other major benefits.


Consider other family incomes before you invest funds in a plan. If your spouse or some other family member is earning, then the expenses being met by their income should not become a part of your saving plan. Any other saving plans your family or spouse has invested into, any other benefits that you are receiving as part of the family, must be kept in mind, before you allocate a fund for investment and expect certain returns.


Make good use of premium calculator, which will help you to analyse your exact requirement of a saving plan and the premium amount you need to pay for the same. This tool comes in handy to determine your outflow and inflow of funds.

Make use of these tips and invest sensibly through, NOW!

How to Buy Investment Plan Online!

Buying an investment plan online is the most sensible thing to do, as it saves you a lot of paperwork and running around.

Just switch on your computer, login to, compare and buy the best investment plan.

Here are few imperative steps:

  • Visit Branch.
  • Go to the investments page and key in the basic information such as date of birth, and income etc.
  • Key in the policy term you prefer.
  • Key in the investment amount.
  • Choose the riders (additional benefits) and click on search.
  • You will get the listing of all the suitable plans as per your preferences.
  • Read through them carefully, especially the benefits, the returns and the terms and conditions.
  • Buy the best plan after enquiring about the background of the plan provider company.
  • Reach the investment plan compare page and search for the best plans based on your preference in terms of high returns, regular income, market linked, or guaranteed returns.
  • Once you opt for buying, you will be prompted to key in your personal details such as name, email id, address and phone number.
  • The insurance provider company will send you the list of formalities to be completed to buy generate the investment plan and send to you.
  • The documents copies that you would need to upload to buy the plan online:
    • Address Proof
    • Photo Id Proof
    • PAN Card Number
    • Aadhar Card
    • Bank Details
  • Once you have submitted the required details, you will be sent the registration link for a new investment account to set up your investment account and pay the premium through Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking.

Buying an investment plan online brings you the opportunity to compare, search, gather information about and buy the best plan. You can do it through your No. 1 policy comparison engine!

How Darsh Advisory Services Helps You to Choose Your Best Investment Plans?

Buying of Investment Plan Made Simple, Fast, & Well-Informed With Your Best Planning Advisor

Considering the wide range of life insurers operating in the market, together with their overwhelming array of investment plans, zeroing-in on the best financial product becomes a difficult task!

Darsh Advisory Services aspires to bridge this gap and help investors navigate through the complexities of buying the most suitable investment plan. for themselves and their family!

Here’s how Darsh Advisory Services helps you to choose the best investment plan for yourself:

Facilitating Quick & Informed Decisions

Our online portal strives to help investors through every stage of their decision making process. From comparing costs, features, coverage, to benefits, it enables users to have a 360° view of the various products available in the market. Further, it just takes a few simple clicks to enable users to know and view their options at a glance.

Always At Your Service

Irrespective of the time and place, you can compare online investment insurance on our portal from the comfort of your home or office. Our insurance experts are always available to guide you and resolve your queries pertaining to product features, application procedure, or any other concern you may have.

Value for Money

Darsh Advisory Services is an online portal and does not involve the services of an intermediary, thereby enabling customers to buy the product directly from the site. This also renders a positive impact on the pricing of premiums, as companies need not pay out commission charges, in cases of policies sold on the online portal. As a result, the company provides low-premium offers and the investor gets to enjoy true value for money.

User Experience that Thrills

We completely understand your requirements, and hence we have taken significant steps in providing a seamless and flawless user experience. By deploying smart-logic driven quotation forms, the portal is equipped to populate questions, precisely based on the profile of the customer. Further, the system generated insurance premiums ensure that the user gets to know the correct premium cost, without any probability of human errors.

Whether saving for your first house, your kid’s higher education, or for assuring a stress-free life after retirement, Darsh Advisory Services is your perfect companion to help you meet life’s major milestones with financial confidence!

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